Here the development of the Oetker Group can be traced with the aid of many milestones which, drawn from all business fields, provide insight into the decisive moments in the history of this group of companies.


The pharmacist, Dr. August Oetker, lays the foundation for the company Dr. Oetker with the development of the baking powder Backin.

The first Dr. Oetker company building on Lutterstraße in Bielefeld.

Chemische Fabrik Budenheim is founded in 1908 and taken over by the Oetker company. Its head office is located in Budenheim am Rhein.

The Dr. August Oetker company acquires an interest in Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft.

Rudolf-August Oetker acquires the luxury hotel Brenners´s Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden Baden.

Rudolf-August Oetker – the grandson of the founder – takes over management of the company at the age of 28. He rebuilds the firm after the war with the help of proven members of staff. The Oetker Group is subsequently formed under his leadership.

Bankhaus Lampe, founded in Minden, East Westphalia in 1852, moves into the ownership of Rudolf-August Oetker. He relocates the firm’s headquarters to Bielefeld. Today the company is one of the leading, independent private banks.

The foundation stone for today’s Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Division is laid with the acquisition of Bank für Brauindustrie. This bank has majority shareholdings in Frankfurt, Berlin and Dortmund breweries, which are expanded and to which subsidiaries are added. The acquisition of the Radeberger Pilsener beer brand after German reunification subsequently gave the new name, Radeberger Gruppe, to the brewing group, which had long traded as the Binding Group.

The international expansion was the salient feature of Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei. It evolves from Söhnlein Rheingold KG. The takeover of the competing Hekell & Co. followes by the integration of leading sparkling wine and wine companies in Eastern European countries.

Hôtel du Cap - Eden Roc on the Côte d'Azur in France acquired.

Dr. h. c. August Oetker assumes the role of General Partner of Dr. August Oetker KG and of Chairman of the Executive Board of Dr. Oetker GmbH. He focuses the companies of the Oetker Group on core sectors and successfully drives internationalization.

Richard Oetker takes over from his brother August. He has been a member of the Executive Board of Dr. Oetker GmbH since 1996. His successes include the establishment of the eastern European markets since the mid-1990s.

Short film about the Oetker-Group
Short film presentation of the various business divisions.